This spring, we worked with Fireworx Japan on their new line of children's furniture for their Cocoon Couture brand.  Our campaign set out to identify and tap into productive niches to drive lead generation, identified messaging and creative combinations that increased lead and landing conversion, and proved a viable online sales model.



Before we started, Cocoon was generating no online sales, despite a product with some proven appeal, and a fully functional website and shopping system.  After implementing an agile creative plan and executing a social-data testing regime over a 2 month period, we were able to gather insights at every stage of the purchasing funnel - both about product and demographic - gradually tweaking and improving each variable along the way, and ultimately confirming that an online sales model driven by pay-per-click advertising in social media was not only viable, but profitable.

• 0% - Ad ROI @ Start > 147% - Ad ROI @ Conclusion


The Achievement

We undertook a three part testing model, starting with new creative for leads, landing pages, and purchase/checkout pages.  We tested each combination using using small ad tests and changing one variable at a time, to isolate the best performing creative, and the most compelling response demographics.  This lead to dramatic increases in conversion performance.





* Highest achieved conversation rates.

How We Did It

We started by examining the existing Cocoon product messaging and performed a content audit, to determine what resources and base ideas to build on.  We then began building Cocoon creative under an agile creative plan, with three goals in mind:


(1) Effectively communicate the unique value of Cocoon products to responsive audiences, bringing the benefits to life in an immediately compelling way.

image 1.png

(2) Create inspiring visuals, headlines, and storytelling that drives measurable increases in lead generation and conversion.


(3) Test relentlessly using both creative versioning and niche versioning to find the most powerful message + media combinations, until the ROI exceeds marketing spend consistently and predictably.


Lead Conversion Tests



We identified 11 unique emotions and wrote 33 unique titles describing the product and it's benefits from different angles and perspectives.  We created visual imagery to bring those ideas to life, using photoshop and existing stock/shoot/brand resources.

Landing Conversion Tests

While the lead tests progressed, we setup new landing pages for Cocoon to test second stage conversion.  New panels were designed to highlight the benefits, establish social proof, and clarify product definition.  Each landing page design was varied in order to test different sequences and combinations of message.

Landing page V1

Landing page V1

Landing page V2

Landing page V2

What Works


Case study Cocoon Hero.png

Focused story

Using vertical, responsive design to walk our user through a simple, visually driven story.

Repeat CTA

Repeating CTA (call-to-action) buttons for individual products and for desired user actions in multiple places through the page.

Messaging Mix

Getting the recipe right; bringing benefits to life, clarifying how the product works, what it's purpose is, leading with a big idea, adding urgency, social proof, dispelling fears, and highlighting other points of trust.


Accenting each idea with graphics where they can support an idea.

Checkout Conversion Tests

In the final stage of testing, we reviewed the checkout page, redesigned elements, refined flow and added urgency to enhance and test multiple version of the checkout page.

Calculating the Funnel

Knowing that we could generate leads at between ¥10 - ¥50 per unique visitor, and knowing the average conversion rate at each step of the customer journey, we were able to drive traffic with gradually larger ad spends, knowing how many visitors we could turn into customers.


Lead Spend of ¥50,000 = 1,000 Visitors

40% Landing Conversion of 1,000 Visitors = 400 Interested Visitors

3% Purchase Conversion of 300 Visitors =  12 Sales

12 Sales @ Average Sale of ¥11,000 = ¥132,000 Gross Revenue


Total # of ad Versions


Demographic Breakdown

We were able to isolate the primary purchasing audience to 25-34 year old Japanese women, primarily, followed by 35-44 year old Japanese women as a second segment.  We also learned we could get profitable results running ads on a broad segment of approximately 9,000,0000 people in Japan.

graph 1.jpg

Platform Breakdown

Testing established that most interest and purchases in this digital funnel were coming from Facebook desktop, compared to alternate mobile and desktop channels for Google Ads, Instagram, etc.


What out clients had to say...

"We engaged Maikai at the time of our official launch in Japan. They walked us through an initial process of identifying the brand image and messages we wanted to test in the market. They then created some strong ad creatives as well as landing pages. We then went through a testing process and came to the point of finding the most effective ad and LP combinations.  Their work in development of graphics/images was great; especially since we did not have any strong existing photo content .  It was great working with them to get us started on the process of going from testing to eventually producing sales."
~ Todd Raikes
CEO Fireworx Japan