We are proud of our ability to work on complex, fast moving enterprise digital projects.


From design to development to release and promotion, we work regularly on digital production and content services to drive specific marketing objectives, for companies like Coca Cola East Japan, Hilton Hotels, APA and more.



Web Design, Development & Content Production

Maikai managed the content production, design and development pipeline For Coca Cola East Japan's core website to communicate effectively with vendors, share corporate information, and maintain brand standards across Japanese and English implementations of the website.


"Maikai has worked for us on a number of assignments related to web development, digital design and marketing and has proven to be reliable, trustworthy and very efficient. They understand well enterprise challenges and the importance to bring expertise and the power of initiative to deliver quickly and efficiently."

~ Sami Benjamaa, CIO, Coca Cola East Japan


Website & App Development

AXA Japan was looking for help in digital transformation, bringing their CMS system from Paris and rolling it out to their Japanese operations.  The project involved design, front-end development, stakeholder management, technical implementation of new systems, and resourcing talent to execute a large scale web application on a tight timeline. 

Web production and management for AXA.


Content Production - Hilton Hotels

Working for Hilton Odaiba, Hilton Osaka and Hilton Worldwide, Maikai has produced a wide library of video, copy, design, photographic and 360 image content to support regional and local hotel marketing activities, including ad spots, overview videos of hotels, training videos, and room/facility/USPs.



Compilation / OVERVIEW Reel


CCBJI B2B Concept

Idea/Concept - a B2B site that was more light-hearted and positive than the typical B2B site in Japan - Illustrations and design by Japanese team for the Japanese market, designed to put the product and community in front. The design also represents a bottle with liquid line, bubbles, and the curved bottom of a bottle. Team: Western management, Japanese designer, Japanese illustrator.  


Web Design

JWT / Public House approached us to provide an English brand website to appeal to their growing overseas audiences.  We provided consultation and design to satisfy multiple stakeholder requirements and walk the line between different cultural expectations.

Design samples for APA hotel's international presence.


Digital Best Practices

Supporting the Hilton Worldwide teams in rolling out Korean presence for Conrad and Hilton brands, Maikai provided logistical support, stakeholder management, vendor management, project management, and design services to implement best practices for both website launches.

Implementation of digital best practices and project management for the Hilton Korea web rollout.

Conrad Korea web rollout support, coordination, and management.


Monthly Print-Digital Publication

Execution of cross-media projects, including a monthly newspaper in print and digital, guidebook and content production undertaken for Mynavi in four languages - Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and English - focused on the inbound tourist market to Japan.